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SEO Career

SEO Career provides historically excluded students with access to internships that turn into full time jobs.

For School Year: 1, 2, 3
Program Type: Fellowship, Internship
Targeted Identities: Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Indigenous/Native American
Majors / Focus: All majors
Access to Recruiters: Potentially a staffing company that refers candidates
Location: Various locations
Program Dates: Summer
Other Materials Needed: Application, SAT/ ACT score, unofficial transcript, picture, interview

All SEO Career participants are responsible for completing industry-specific training, attending coaching sessions, participating in interview preparation, and attending required events.

To qualify you must also meet the following requirements: 3.2 GPA required (3.0 may be considered); Self-Identify as Black, Latinx, or Native-American, All Majors; Accredited 4-Year University; Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior; Work Authorized in the U.S. (F-1 Students may be eligible for Phase 2: Success)

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