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MLT Career Prep

MLT’s Career Prep program provides fellows with a winning professional playbook, 18 months of one-on-one coaching, and an accelerating network of more than 7,000 MLT Rising Leaders.

For School Year: 3
Program Type: Conference, Mentorship
Targeted Identities: Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Indigenous/Native American
Majors / Focus: The program is open to all undergraduate majors. A candidate’s major does not determine eligibility, rather, MLT considers how well the applicant’s career goals align with Career Prep’s programming.
Access to Recruiters: Top program to get into tech companies outside of NSBE
Expenses Paid: Meals, lodging, travel scholarships for low income students
Location: Various locations
Program Dates: Year round
Other Materials Needed: Recommendation, essays, application, video
Requirements: $199 acceptance fee (waiver available)
Georgia Tech Focus
SEO Career

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