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National Sales Network Student Sales and Marketing Conference

The Student Sales and Marketing Conference & Interview Fair offers powerful marketing, sales and business leadership development programs.  There are opportunities for peer-to-peer, professional and executive networking along with mentorship opportunities.  The Student Business Career Conference students participate in competitive sales and marketing competitions!

For School Year: 3, 4, Grad
Program Type: Conference
Majors / Focus: Primary: Business; Secondary: all others
Access to Recruiters: Career fair, onsite interview
Location: Virtual
Program Dates: September - October
Other Materials Needed: Application, resume, phone interview, optional video

Graduation Years: Undergraduate Junior or Seniors graduating in 2023 (December Grads), 2024 & 2025 (Junior/Seniors) or Graduate School students (MBA/Masters Degrees) graduating in 2023 & 2024
High Academic achievement: Minimum GPA Requirement 3.2
Leadership Awards: Leadership experiences preferred
Business Work Experience preferred in the areas of marketing, sales, finance, business

Emma Bowen Foundation Fellowship Program
Goldman Sachs 2024 Possibilities Summits Program

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