Finance Majors

Morgan Stanley Early Insights Program

The Sophomore Early Insights Program  is an integral part of our diversity recruiting efforts. This virtual program will provide selected students with the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops, network with Morgan Stanley team members, and participate in the first stage of the Summer Analyst recruiting process.

For School Year: 2
Program Type: 1 Week Program
Targeted Identities: Black/African American, Female or Female Identifying, Hispanic/Latinx, Historically Underrepresented Populations , Indigenous/Native American, LGBTQ+
Majors / Focus: Investment Banking, Global Capital Markets and Firm Strategy & Execution; Sales, Trading and Research; Company and Operations; Investment Management & Wealth Management; Company and Operations; Technology
Access to Recruiters: Networking event
Location: New York City, Baltimore, or Alpharetta
Program Dates: February or March
Other Materials Needed: Application, resume, video component
Requirements: Undergrads with graduation dates between December 2024 – June 2025.
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